Carol's Bathroom E-mail

altA story....

What started out as a small bath room renovation became a dream master bedroom/bathroom suite.

Carol had some ideas as to what she wanted of her master bed room and bath. She just didn't know how to achieve those ideas.

After interviewing a couple of contractors she settled on Matthew W. Johnson, General Contractor.

Carol found Matthew someone that listened to her ideas and showed her ways to bring them together.

She became excited as she began to see, in her mind's eye, her suite begin to move from scattered thoughts to organized ideas and plans.

As the project progressed Carol made the time available to visit various suppliers and fabricators. She brought in the services of a designer to help her in the process of blending colors and textures.

The process was involved. It took time. About 3 months. It included a larger water line for the new multi-jetted shower. New skylights in the bath and the bed rooms. A valted ceiling with exposed beams in the bedroom. Custom cabinetry and marble slabs. New walls and windows. And much more.

Throughout the project Matthew stayed in close contact. Keeping Carol updated regularly as to what was happening and when. Carol found that when she was not sure as to why a part of the project was being done a certain way Matthew was just a phone call or email away. Matthew took the time to answer her questions and address her concerns.

Once completed Carol found that she had her dream Master bed room and bath room suite.